Total Motorshow…Sneak Preview

Total Motorshow...Sneak Preview

Hey guys…it’s been ions, no? Glad to be back. And boy am I so happy Vampire Diaries is back!! Just downloading episode 2 of the 5th Season.

So anyways, I took this pic at the Total Motorshow when a good friend of mine (and my sister’s) asked me to take pics of her stand…I’m glad for that opportunity, so have a look. 🙂

All About Cars and OT Live

Hi guys….after such a hiatus I’m back. I’m such a groupie for cars…much better a well photographed car. This was taken at Concours about 2 years ago. So there you go…



So now, I’m part of a group of photographers called One Touch (I’m sure I’ve mentioned them before) and I’d like you all to meet them…here’s a link

Have a blast of a weekend!!


Elementaita Shoot

Elementaita Shoot

Hey folks, hope you’ve been swell.
So this blog…sometime late last year I had a fashion shoot with a fellow photographer, Murage and got a couple of our friends to model. A guide that I’d met the week before during an office retreat in Lake Elementaita Lodge took us around. He first took us to a really beautiful hot spring. This is Colleta, a good friend and she was our first model. I will be posting about her in a series of photos this week.

Many Thanks to Mapambo for the accessories. Here’s a link to their site